Well, this is it. Adventure Time is officially over. All the funny moments, the romantic moments, the silly moments, the gross moments, the cute moments, the sad moments, the epic moments, the songs, the characters are now all in the past. One day when we have all turned our separate ways we will remember. We will remember all the things we discussed together, all the fights we never had, all our opinions and theories, all our favourite episodes, all our least favourite episodes and most of all, our friendship. I'm absolutely sure that I am not the only one who had a special place in my heart for Adventure Time. The  Adventure Time Wiki Discussions has always had a friendly, loving and welcoming atmosphire and it is really sad to think that Adventure Time is over and it's not coming back. Now that it's died, all joy has died. The big mystery now is how the crew managed to be able to create such as master piece of a show because after all, they were all just human beings just like all of us. The only good shows left are