Hello friends!!! Welcome to the Spudicorn Wikia Gaming page!!! This page is all about gaming and computer entertainment!!! First we would like to say a special thanks to Callum, Luke and Ty for being the three best gamers the whole Spud Kingdom knows. So Have fun!!!


Xbox one

This is a very popular games console. It is just like PS4 except most people think it's better. It's a home video game console developed by Microsoft (like all Xboxes).
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Xbox 360

This Xbox is not as popular as Xbox one in the Spud Kingdom. It is not the best Xbox but it's ok.

Xbox 360 E and Xbox One - E3 2013

Xbox 360 and Xbox one at E3 2013

Xbox one s

This is a fantastic Xbox!!! It's pretty popular around the world and the Spud Kingdom love it. This console allows you to play the greatest games including Xbox 360 classics and has amazing sound and picture. It is 40% smaller than a regular Xbox one, has up to 2TB storage and four times the resolution of standard HD. It's brilliant!!!


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